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HAVE A GREAT NOW t-shirt (2 colours)

Image of HAVE A GREAT NOW t-shirt (2 colours)


This T-shirt was inspired by the awesome Eckhart Tolle and aims to remind the wearer (and possibly others nearby) that the NOW is here, and is able to be experienced and enjoyed.

So often, we are told, "Have a nice holiday" or "Have a great weekend" but if we can not embrace the now, the holiday or weekend fades away, leaving the NOW a little forgotten and neglected. NOW is the only time we have!

This shirt is priced just barely above cost price, so that it is affordable to all. If you can't afford it and would like one, please email awest[@] and I'll organise to print you one free.

The shirt is hand-printed with ecofriendly inks. Monstrosity is becoming an "enlightened" (Or en-lightened) business by embracing the now, letting ego fade away, and doing a very small part to remind people that the now is here for the taking.

Don't forget to select the shipping option at the bottom of the list if you want it posted. Thanks for stopping by! :)